One euro

Do you want to help the art, but you do not know how to do it? <br /> Set a permanent order for 1 euro.

Step by step tutorial

  1. Log into your Internet Banking
  2. Find the section for Permanent Commands
  3. Add new order
  4. in the settings section find the following settings
    • payment type: Permanent order for a fix amount in eur
    • Valid from: should be filled out, if not, set the next day
    • Valid through: leave empty
    • Frequency: Monthly
  5. in the receipient section fill out the following data
    • Receiver: o.z. Činuba
    • IBAN: SK39 7500 0000 0040 2058 7652
    • Amount: 1 €
    • Receipient information: Campaign 1 euro to help art
  6. Submit / Save